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The quiet things that no one ever knows
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i said i would do this more so now i am....

i leave tomorrow, i feel like i should be upset or something but im ready

i keep checking, nothing even remotely nearby though

i want to march somewhere this winter season...i dont think that can happen.

i want to travel with leo, but exams seem to be looming in the pathway

Tiffany's car saved my life...it holds so much stuff its ridiculous

i hope something comes of it but i dont want to get my hopes too high up, it would be nice though

i have an adorable new monkey..i named him lucas
22nd-Jul-2007 05:26 pm(no subject)
havent updated in a while... it seems easier to update when i do it constantly..less to catch up on
-i leave in 3 1/2 weeks. its so incredibly weird
- after camp ends i get to go to ny to see corey and jeremy...im really excited. i have the 2 cutest nephews
-today my brother told me were going to teach my mom how to text message. oy
-today i saw sarah and said goodbye to her. if all goes well then she will get accepted into a ballet company in Atlanta and leave next weekend. i really hope she gets it.
-starbucks is a litle more amazing every time i go
-camp dinner tonight for the pool staff. i should go it could potentially be fun but at the same time i dont want to. i suppose ill force myself to go and try my hardest to be somewhat more social than i am during the day. 2 more weeks...and i think i figured out my problem...i dont fully trust any of these people. o well not much i can do about that.
-i love the rainy weather today :) 
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